Put money into
your business, not into
your security deposit.

A revolutionary financing tool for office tenants


No more posting large cash sums or costly Letters of Credit

Securiti™ frees you up to spend your money the way you want. We’ll replace your cash security deposit and issue your landlord a Securiti™ bond. It’s an insurance policy.
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With Securiti, we can now offer a flexible and financially efficient alternative to traditional letters of credit without compromising our risk and credit standards.
Jeremy Moss
EVP and Director of Leasing of Silverstein Properties

How it works

Securiti™ provides straightforward coverage for landlords, at a low cost for tenants. You get protection from a safer institution, versus riskier bank products. It’s also bankruptcy remote. Both tenants and landlords get the exact coverage length and size they need.

For Businesses

You can save thousands. Securiti™ costs just a small fraction of your security deposit amount. You'll still be responsible for monthly lease payments and other fees associated to your lease.

We finance your security deposit, but if a landlord has to use it, you need to pay us back. You'll only reimburse us if necessary.


For Landlords

Join the office security deposit evolution. With Securiti™, everybody wins. Tenants free up more of their cash, and you get enhanced protection.

Securiti™ offers you a competitive advantage, reduces friction in the leasing process, and leads to closing more deals.


Claim your security deposit back