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Securiti™ is changing the way the commercial real estate industry views security deposits. For just a fraction of the cost, tenants can deliver a security package to their landlord without locking up their capital for years to come.

Check out some of our most recent case studies and white papers (below) to see how - with Securiti™ - everyone wins.

Case Study: Hospitality Company

Hospitality company secured Securiti™ while still maintaining their borrowing capacity

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White Paper: Letter of Credit

Costs, processes and insights around letters of credit and how compared to a letter of credit, Securiti gives tenants the opportunity to keep their cash and maximize operational flexibility.

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White Paper: Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement Allowances (aka TIs or TIAs) are a central component of commercial office lease negotiations. In recent years, TI allowances have increased due to several factors. We break those down for you in our white paper.

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Case Study: FinTech Company

Online mortgage lender unlocks cash trapped in a letter of credit by using Securiti™

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Case Study: Fashion Company

Family owned fashion business secures attractive financing with Securiti™

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